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The Wellness Way Pricing

Here at Maxwell Family Chiropractic - The Wellness Way Columbia we want to be upfront about what each service may cost you, and if it is billable to insurance or not. This way you can make the best decision for you and your family. Please note that the prices listed below are introductory and are subject to change.

New Patient Appointment - $295.00

FAQ Read - $150.00 ($99 with an Inflammation Talk voucher. Visit out facebook page to find the next event )

Lab Consult - $260.00

2 Week Appointment - $150.00

Patient Education & Nutritional Counseling - $200.00

Follow Ups @ $300.00 ea.

Supplements - range $10.00 - $170.00 ea.

Diagnostic Testing (Lab Work)

Lab work is based on the individual and varies greatly in price. We do not up-charge for any lab testing for our Wellness Way Patients. We charge exactly what the lab charges us. If you would like to run a lab but are not a Wellness Way Patient there is a $100 processing fee.

Some lab work is billable to insurance, some is not. We will let you know, and walk you through how to do that if it is.

Prices will be gone over with you by a staff member when ordering labs.

Consultations to go over lab results and discuss plan of care are NOT included in the price of the lab test.

We would be happy to provide a printout listing exactly what you have paid for.

Services Not Billable to Insurance

Insurance companies do not allow any services provided to be billed. If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) they will allow for reimbursement. The number of consultations necessary is based on the individual. Once test results are received a staff member will meet with you to determine approximate pricing of your care plan, and offer a discounted pricing on bundled services. Please talk to a staff member for more information.

The New Patient Appointment is for new clinic patients who are not established chiropractic patients. This charge includes your first chiropractic visit and adjustment, as well as your FAQ read appointment.

The FAQ read is the first Wellness Way appointment for patients who are already established chiropractic patients.

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