The Office

Medicare/Medicare Advantage Plans

We are non-participating providers for Medicare/ Medicare Advantage. We will submit your claims for you and they forward to your secondary insurance. However, you are still responsible for your fees at the time the service is provided. Medicare will only cover a portion of the office visit if they consider it Acute and under Active Treatment. Medicare will mail any payments to you directly!


We do not participate with any insurance company. If you want a super bill to submit, for reimbursement by your insurance company, you will need to let our office staff know. If doctor reports, narratives or recoding are necessary for you to receive benefits, additional fees will be charged. These will vary based on what is requested.

Office Hours

We are closed from 10:30-12 everday for lunch.

Mon: 6:30-4 Columbia
Tue: 6:30-4 Fayette
Wed: 6:30-4 Columbia
Thu: 6:30-4 Columbia

Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed